One thought on “‘Perang mulut’ Amanah dan PAS menampilkan perbezaan.

  1. Tracy

    Dear Ping,I miss Taiwan already I think hanvig grown up in Canada but have the love for Asia, that is why I chose Taiwan and Taichung in particular during my initial stay. Sapporo would have been my other choice I am on the verge of making a somewhat big decision, I love to create and love food ever since I was a child. I picked playing kitchen over barbie dolls LoL During my time in Taiwan, I had the chance to get back in touch with my creative roots in arts, photography and food. As one of my mentor from Theatre said to me before I left for Taiwan: You are so pregnant with creativity, and you are ready to pop. And I believe in Taiwan is where I pop and now just finding how to nourish it.I am in the midst of thoughts of doing a small startup business in Taiwan hoping to use my love for creativity and food, combined with my versatile background to be able to bring happiness and positivity to people. That is my dream.So, I am on the verge of making a leap into that road of starting something small in Taiwan though it seems to be not as simple for foreigners to start up a business in Taiwan .certain rules that government requires seemed a bit tough to meet for a startup.Thank you Ping for your reply, I always find your replies encouraging and soothing in ways.Please Take Care I am hoping to be back to Taiwan soon.Serena

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