2 thoughts on “Zaid kini hanya ‘barang lusuh’ dan ‘karat’?

  1. Sylvia

    anony: good choice. btw,BN’s Chin is riunnng for KK, not Api-api. DAP’s man in Api-api is Hiew, whom I met by chance in town this morning. He just didn’t seem as forward n outspoken as Christina, so I really don’t know how he’ll hold up against that bunch in Parliament.Chris repr.PKR, which has Anwar as head, which is good bc ultimately we still need a strong Malay opp. leader n Anwar has had 6 yrs behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit yet he doesn’t harp on about tt or became bitter. i think the 6 yrs changed his view, n if it did, it was a good thing to happen, the imprisonment…as for Yee, I liken him to DAP’s former front man, Lee Lam Thye. When the going got tough, Lee got going…to DAP’s enemy, BN. NOw he’s like a kitten n BN, and Yee is also like tt, letting down all the Chinese who voted for him. meow people.oh, so far almost everyone i’ve talked to support Christina. the older Chinese n blue-collar ppl are still for DAP. so u see, split again.

    • Brajendra

      In Sarawak, the opposition winds had been blniowg strongly since our state election. almost everyone i talked to say you dont even look at candidates. just dont vote for bn. otherwise those bn buggers are still sleeping thinking they = malaysia. like we voters owe it to them that we have to vote for them. threats somemore, dont vote for us no longkang, no roads, no chinese new year display, no chinese school. To hell with them. And gosh their lies…cant believe badawi still has skin to talk about corruption fighting…like they dont have story of boy crying wolves in malay meh..In kuching i feel DAP does not even need to open their mouths or put up degatory remarks on BN, the people’s words are stronger. God, really pray that BN will lost a more few seats than expected in sabah and sarawak.

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