One thought on “PKR bakal paling rugi di Selangor

  1. Kacong

    In 1994, while Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim was the Chief Exec. of PNB, he had already talk about the dagenr of G.Soros activity, way before ex-PM Mahathir.I admire his economic knowledge since then and had mentioned that he could one day become Prime Minister of Malaysia. But at that time, he refused offered by ex_PM to involve in politic. The question here is, why he agreed to join politic after no more with Guthrie?I suspected that he witnessing too much dirty hands among politician that could affected Malaysian economy badly.He is not stupid to join a new Party Keadilan Rakyat and not UMNO. Again, why PKR?Many of us is smarter than T.S. Khalid I but most of us is half-past-ten. Before he decide to join PKR, he would have been thinking so much to make that decision of joining PKR.Now, I strongly feels that there will be a few MP or ADUN whose getting so much pressure from supporter to leave Pak Lah due to his beloved KJ, for whatever reason best known to them. We know what’s the reasons.Today, T.S.Khalid Ibrahim had climb one step higher as Selangor new MB. It is not impossible that he would become TPM of PM-will-be D.S.Anwar Ibrahim in future.Pak Lah’s dilemma now is how to solve his and BN’s popularity issues. If he shut KJ’s mouth up, will KJ keep silence? If he push KJ’s whose wanted badly to be the next Youth & Sports Minister or Works Minister up, he will be burning himself badder.The worse & biggest dilemma among many dilemmas is, after rejected Jane Abdullah’s advices and ideas of how to strategize BN for GE12 and instead just only listen to “the Young One”(his KJ), how could he “pujuk” Jane? Is Jane’s idea better than KJ. Remember, many BN votes was swing because Pak Lah refused to listen to the experience and ‘OLD’ one.Aaahhhh….don’t give-a-damn to whatever Pak Lah want to decide. The most interesting thing to observe now is the preasure from down-under of MCA members to pull-out from BN coalition. They had done that before, it is not impossible fr them to repeat it again.Whatever they do and decide, I hope they do not forget that ALLAHUAKHBAR! (God is Greater)!Congratulations to new Selangor MB, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim!I’m out of here…[email protected]

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