One thought on “PAS veep Tuan Ibrahim the preferred choice to replace Hadi, survey shows

  1. Rubia

    I was amazed at the UN vote. But we will have to see if the US-led feorcs act with timidity, or if they aggressively go after the Gadhafi feorcs. Gadhafi’s feorcs are about to surround Benghazi — so it is still an iffy situation.CBC News reported that the UN resolution is far-ranging, and allows for air-to-ground strikes — much needed if the freedom fighters are to have a chance. We have to see. I hope Gadhafi gets his clock cleaned.Recall that in the Serbian battle the air strikes were initially done with timidity — and didn’t do the job. This time around, air power must be used aggressively agaonst Gadhafi’a tanlw and artillery. A remarkable turnaround.

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