2 thoughts on “Mohamad vs Mohd: Why should anyone care about the PAS elections?

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  2. Vitoria

    diz:But the writiers prbblaoy won’t bring back the tension damon feels about his love for elena until the situation with Klaus is under control and gone forever because his main priority now is to keep elena safe so all feelings are in the back burner for now. And hopefully in season 3 or 4 we will see Elena start to question herself about the feelings she has for Damon. And i do believe that Bonnie will be the one to die because her grandmother did tell her in Season1 that she saw her having a young death. If damon and bonnie work together, what will elena think when she does die, will she blame either herself or Damon? And i still believe that Klaus will compel someone (potentially one of the Salvatore Brothers) to do something against their will and it may have to deal with Elena.

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