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We help you to understand the data, market demand, effect of branding and brand positioning on the business performance, and how the policies affect the current sentiment through interactive visualization and precise analyzing technique.

We help you to collect essential data to understand the subjects more comprehensively, therefore leading the organization towards a better decision and a positive shift in performance.

We help you to understand the complexity of problems exist in the business world and provide consultation on how to survive or make a shift in performance through effective business models and strategies.

Incisive insights. Decisive action.

Producing data that motivates decisions.
Public Opinion
We are the nation's leading public opinion research firms, specializing in political analysis, public affairs, and public policy positioning research. To get results that can help to build a winnable strategy, our research are includes of research towards public attitudes and beliefs held by the general population, voter targeting and constituency analysis.

Policy Acceptance Study
We study the sentiment on current policies; understand the circulating issues and people’s acceptance.
Perceptical (Perception + Political) Analysis
We study the people’s perception on politically related issues; manifestos, images of political party, political move, etc.
Voting Proclivity Study
We conduct a survey to predict the political inclination and study the issues that affect the tendency amongst voters.
Social Desideratum Surveys
We study the social needs amongst people; and help to figure out significant problems to be addressed by any interested parties in the forms of policies, manifesto, etc.
Online Media Monitoring
Online reputation management is the practice of monitoring the information that is being said about your business across the various publication venues such as blogs, forums, social media platform and such. Reputation management is a necessity in the internet age to help ensure your business is presented in a positive light.
Market Research
Our market research services help businesses identify growth opportunities and build a competitive strategy based on deep understanding of customers and the overall marketplace. Our market research consulting involves the application of the right methodologies across primary and secondary sources to gather market intelligence.

Market Segmentation & Profiling
We identify your customers and why they are (not) your customers as well as description on market segmentation and market share analysis.
Market Competitive Analysis
We study the size and relative market share of the market by providing relevant information on market growth, competitive positioning, and share of the market.
Advertisement Audit
We study the impressions, feelings, and effectiveness in moving the customers to a desired objective (increased awareness, product information, trial, and repeat purchase).
Advertisement Value & Identification Study
We study the attributes, benefits, and values associated with the functionality of a product from customers’ point of view, which will contribute to advertisement-making at a later stage.
Data Analytics
Help organization to extract actionable insights from business data for quick and informed decision-making. With our unique ability to translate complex business requirements into data-driven solution, we built a long history of helping our clients across industries and domains to solve their data problems, build data-driven solutions and transform their business.
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ILHAM CentreHeadquarters
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