2 thoughts on “Selangor tanpa PAS?

  1. Open

    Apolitical,Your views hold merit however we here on this blog or any other for that matetr are party based I actually do support any party that can come up with actual solid plans and ideas heck I even supported Bersih 2.0 except the fighting part bcoz it was supposed to be about clean and fair policies and not Tian Chua the nut leading an attack charge!! but the way things are going only BN is doing that even the PR budget lacks depth and policy on how they can achieve it .They say can but yet the how is important I can say I will give all people here a RM1mil but how do I do that is important I cannot just say and then later buat don’t know can I? We are not here to convert any hardcore PR people as they will never change as they refuse to believe in anything even as Anwar plugs their ass they will still be in denial but we try to counter any lies, half truths and just plain spinning as best we can .I myself just walked out of a marathon session on FB but yet after almost 200 comments not one has answered the question asked just mudslinging, name calling and yet all skillfully skirtaround the issue and just plain won’t answer any question bcoz to them whacking is fun and I agree HOWEVER you must back it up with actual facts and not pluck figures from thin air in which can somebody please explain how on earth does RM500mil plus 26% equals RM1.9bil?? .the very fact all conveniently ignore basic maths is just plain crazy just to support their view only ..Apolitical I understand your points as I was like you never really involved in politics or care much however since it started involving me I became more aware and I just decided to find out what is actually true .and you know what??..and I came to realise what alot of rubbish is out there and the lengths actual people go to further protect and even deny reality to protect PR image ..The stories they tell of how UMNO is this all encompassing entity with global reach to me sounds crazy and yet that is what is being mentioned and somehow they actually believe this rubbish ad some are even respected members of society ..To cut a long story short your points are valid but as long as people continue to harass ones personal choice and mock oneself it is only understandable they defend themselves Who wouldn’t when insulted .And frm what I have experienced myself the hooligans from PR that masquerade as so called champions of the people continue to harass and even insult people bcoz of their political choices I think it’s safe to assume that the whacking will continue except that I feel as BN supporters we tend to do it in more civilised manner yes we do whack and curse but we don’t go overboard but with actual facts ..If you can only see what I have gone thru and experience it you yourself would be turned off from supporting this so-called champions of the people .all whack but no fact seriously!!

  2. Badrulhisyam Razali.

    Penuh dengan perkataan2 yang menunjukkan ketidak pastian pada hujah, saya kira artikel ini seumpama tulisan paparazi. Penuh dengan anggapan penulis semat bersumber cakap-cakap di kedai kopi.

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