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Often, the organisations overlook the real state on the ground or the data during the decision-making. This affects, particularly, the policy, strategy, or decision made fails to meet its objective.

Concerning on the issue which may burden the financial of the respective organisation and the lost benefits (to the society), ILHAM Centre was formed on June 2nd, 2006 with an utmost sincerity to help the organisations to aware of the issues or problems on the ground thoroughly. Therefore, the data collected is meant to guide the organisation during the decision-making such that it will be helping the organisations to develop a comprehensive policy or a correct strategic decision.

ILHAM is an independent research firm, specialising on public survey, market research, and data analytics in politics and election, public policy, social, and economics.

The survey and research conducted will be based on a solid methodological approach in accordance to the academic standard. ILHAM ensures the findings will be precise, credible, and free of other influences.

ILHAM believes that it is in the backbone of a highly developed and civilised nation to have a decision-making that is based on the data and correct information.


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